How we operate the current pool together and looking into the future

Partners in the Existing North Peace Leisure Pool

Did you know that the current pool is owned by the Peace River Regional District and operated by the City of Fort St John? As a result of the City/Regional District partnership, the North Peace Leisure Pool is currently funded by PRRD and City property taxes, along with facility user fees.

As partners, they created the North Peace Leisure Commission with representatives from both the PRRD and the City who share the responsibility to establish policies, procedures and management goals and objectives for the operation of the facilities. The Commission is comprised of the PRRD Directors representing Electoral Areas B and C and members of Fort St. John Council.

The pool has served our region for generations. It provides fun, recreational activities for all ages. Kids learn to swim, families enjoy leisure time together, seniors, lap swimmers and others are able to stay active and fit, patients rehab from injury, individuals and teams train and compete and some just enjoy a hot soak or steam. The number of kids who have hosted birthday parties at the pool is enormous!

On average, the pool hosts more than 100,000 user visits annually. Here‘s a breakdown of typical annual use

  1. 57% Admission Public Swim
  2. 25% Red Cross + Lessons
  3. 6% Swim Club
  4. 5% Aquafit
  5. 4% Lap Swims
  6. 2.5% Showers, Cardio, Hot Spots

The pool is well used by residents from across the region. About 60% of users in a recent year came from Fort St. John, while about 40% came from Taylor and Electoral Areas B and C.

Partners looking into the future

The District of Taylor along with the City of Fort St John, and Electoral Areas B and C are also partners in the feasibility study to ensure future plans meet the needs and concerns of its community.

Recreation facilities like the pool are a big part of what makes our community a great place to live, but they also come with a big price tag.

Working in partnership means we can leverage the expertise and funding from the participating organizations. Ultimately, it’s our residents who benefit from more programs and amenities.

With multiple partners, we spread the cost to build and operate the facility over a larger number of taxpayers – and that includes residential and industrial/commercial tax bases.

Working together comes with a lot of benefits. We can do more in terms of the building design and program delivery and offering a wider variety of sport and recreational activities.

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