January 25 2023

Budget Recommendation to Board - BIMC

October 2022

Connectivity Service Establishment Bylaw No. 2487, 2022

This bylaw establishes a service function for the Regional Board to receive grants and requisition funds to be used to provide grants to internet service providers and enter into agreements with internet service providers for the installation and operation of broadband infrastructure in under and unserved communities. View the full bylaw here.

August 2022

Expression of Interest

PRRD Broadband and Cellular Gap Fulfillment (EOI). The PRRD is seeking expressions of interest from qualified Internet and cellular service providers interested in entering into a partnership agreement with the PRRD to apply for provincial and federal grant funding, or receive grant funding from the PRRD to expand Broadband Infrastructure in the region capable of providing high-speed Internet cellular access along highways.

April 2022

BC Request to Participation

PRRD participated in a RTP by the province of BC. The Request to Participate (RTP) process is an opportunity for the Province to obtain regional and market information, validate cost assumptions and gauge potential market interest in providing connectivity services to underserved regions of the Province.

May 27 2021

PRRD establishes "Connectivity" Committee

That the Regional Board authorize the establishment of a Broadband Internet and Mobility Standing Committee to expand upon the work of the Fiber Working Group and the PRRD Connectivity Strategy.

The role of the Standing Committee will be to engage with service providers and stakeholders, research and review current technologies and market trends, share information, examine funding opportunities, develop a connectivity work plan, and make recommendations to the PRRD Board regarding Broadband Internet and mobility policy to fulfill the PRRD’s connectivity vision.

April 29 2021

Report Presented at COW

The PRRD Connectivity Report is presented to the Committee of the Whole.

April 20 2021

PRRD Connectivity Strategy Presented to FWG

The draft PRRD Connectivity Strategy was presented to the FWG, and then presented to the Committee of the Whole.

February 25 2021

CIRA Portal Added

The PRRD CIRA portal was set up and made available to all PRRD residents to test their Internet speed.

December 01 2020 → April 15 2021

Fibre Working Group

The Fiber Working Group (FWG) consisted of representatives from Electoral Areas B, C, D and E, and the City of Dawson Creek, District of Chetwynd, District of Taylor, District of Hudson’s Hope, and the Village of Pouce Coupe.

Topics covered and discussed:

  • Broadband Fundamentals
  • Distribution Technologies
  • Review of PRRD Needs Assessment Report - 2020
  • Funding Programs
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Evaluation Principles for evaluating letters of support
  • Project Governance Models
  • Priorities and vision for individual FWG members
  • Presentation from the Ministry of Citizen Services regarding Connected Communities
  • Presentation from the Ministry of Citizen Services regarding SpaceX
  • Presentation from NDIT regarding Letters of Support from internet service providers for broadband funding
  • Broadband Mapping Exercises


October 08 2020

PRRD Hires Valo

That the Regional Board enter into an agreement with Valo Networks to develop a high level design and costing for the PRRD connectivity strategy. 

October 01 2020

Request for Proposal Submitted

The Peace River Regional District put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) to find a contractor to complete the Regional Connectivity Needs Assessment

April 30 2020

Report Presented to EDAC

The report was presented to Peace River Regional District Electoral Area Directors Committee and Board by April 30, 2020.

November 01 2019

RFP Awarded

The PRRD awarded the contract to Valo Networks and Canadian Fiber Optics Corporation.

April 08 2024

PRRD Regional Connectivity Strategy Report RFP 12-2024 Submissions Due

March 11 2024

Request for Proposals - PRRD Regional Connectivity Strategy Report RFP 12-2024

May 09 2024

Planetworks Consulting begins work on the PRRD Regional Connectivity Strategy Report